I’m bad at updating this. The novel will be out in September. Here’s a pre-order link. I’ll build a static page for it soon!


OK, so I know that, over a year ago, I announced that my next book would be out by now. That estimate was a little optimistic. BUT! Proofs have been returned, the cover is almost done, and the book should be out very, very soon. Stay tuned. Also, I’ll have news on that novel I was working on a while back soon.


Another long year without news, but plenty happened. Had a story in monkeybicycle, and a couple of new pieces up on theRS500. I’ve also been doing a lot of work as an editor at Big Muddy and the Press. The big news, though, is that my story collection, Black Magic Death Sphere: (Science) Fictions will be published a little later this year by Urban Farmhouse Press. I’ll share more information when I have it!


It’s been a busy few months! After the retirement of an esteemed colleague, I’ve taken over as director of Southeast Missouri State University Press and editor of our literary journal Big Muddy. We’re hard at work putting together my first issue as editor, which should be early to mid summer.


Well, it’s been literally almost a year since my last news update, here. A few quick things. I’ll have a few stories appearing in the coming months in Heavy Feather Review and The Collagist. Also, I’ll be stepping down from my editorial duties at The Collapsar, soon, so I can take over as Director of Southeast Missouri State University’s University Press. I’m also still shopping Black Magic Death Sphere: (Science) Fictions and I finally finished my first novel The Taxidermist’s Catalog over the summer and am just now sending it out to a few presses and querying agents. Wish me luck!


After a busy year, I’m finally back to start updating my page again. Perhaps the biggest news is that my second full length story collection Black Magic Death Sphere: (Science) Fictions, no longer has a publisher. As you might remember, the book won the Pressgang prize in 2014, and was set to be published by Pressgang. Sadly, the press was forced into an uncertain, hopefully temporary hiatus. When they gave me the choice to be their last book for the foreseeable future or try to find a new home for it, I chose the later. I’m working on finding a new home for it now, and hope to have some news in the not too distant future.

Today is the official release date of Liner Notes.  You can order it at Amazon or SPD. As you might have noticed, I’ve hidden all of my blog posts so I can share my horrible, MSPaint album cover mashups promoting my new book. It’ll go back to normal eventually, but this is fun for now.


I’m all moved to Missouri. Much has been going on over the last few weeks we’ve been moving. (Science) Fictions has been short-listed for this year’s Pressgang prize (results pending), and this fun (and weird, and rambling) interview I did ran over at The Collagist

You can read “Four Sci-Fi Variations on a Grandmother” on The Austin Review’s website as a preview of the upcoming issue.

I’ve got a story called “Four Sci-Fi Variations on a Grandmother” coming out in the upcoming issue of The Austin Review. In anticipation, the editors over there asked me to do a Q & A–here are the results:

Also, I’ll be adding to/updating the 33 1/3 reviews archive, and hopefully, over the next few weeks, will be adding an archive of my favorite record reviews from The Fiddleback years. Otherwise, nothing bit going on–was offered and accepted a TT job teaching creative writing and some other stuff at Southeastern Missouri State University, and will be moving in a month or so, so updates here will continue to be sporadic at best.

Thanks for reading, everyone.

The new issue of Michigan Quarterly Review, including my story “James Franco(s) At the Edge of Universe” should be out in the world. Just got my lovely contributor copies in the mail.

Pilot Season is out today via Sunnyoutside. Learn more about it, here. Or just order from here, here, or here. Also, I should have some copies later this week if you want to buy a signed copy. If you want to do that, drop me a line.

Today the new issue of The Collagist went up, and it includes a story of mine called “Spielberg’s Unified Theory of Everything.” It also has excellent excerpts, stories, and poems by TeraShea Nesbit, D. Foy, Joshua Bennett, and Michelle Seaton among others (not to play favorites, I just listed the ones I’ve had time to read so far!). Anyway, take a look!

This year AWP was exciting for me. I got to do my first offsite reading. I got to sell and sign some copies of Pilot Season (which should be available for ordering in a couple of weeks). I got to meet a ton of wonderful people. And I got contributors copies of Hobart, Beloit Fiction Journal, and The Normal School. Well, I paid for The Normal School, and I didn’t even know that the issue of Beloit with my story was out–it was all so exciting. I’ll do a proper post with pictures of the reading and what not shortly.

AWP is coming up, and I’ll be there. I should have a few copies of Pilot Season, and I’ll be at Sunnyoutside’s table around 2:00 pm on Friday, so swing by and pick up a copy. On the subject of Pilot Season, I found a first mini-mention of it today on Vol. 1 Brooklyn, where Tobias Carroll calls it “a quick, punchy head-twister of a book,” which is pretty much what I was going for. Thanks, Tobias! I don’t think Sunnyoutside has copies back from press, yet, but as soon as a link is up, I’ll post it. Also, I’ll be reading as part of the Seattle Six Press Release on Saturday, March 1, at the Jewelbox Theater in Seattle with my dear friend Brandon Hobson, and some other great writers including Rusty Barnes, Lauren Ireland, Dan Nowak, May-Lan Tan, and Donald Dunbar. The event page is here.

Last week I got word that my short story “Spielberg’s Unified Theory of Everything” will be appearing in an online journal that I’ve really loved for a long time. I think it’s going to be in the March issue. I’ll post it here when it goes live.

First of all, Happy New Year. Second of all, preorders are up for Hobart 15, which includes my short story “Brubaker and I.” It looks like a great issue, and it appears to come with a bonus chapbook full of great things. Preorder it here.

Two news updates in as many days? What the what? The new issue of The Normal School, which includes my story, “Be Afraid! Be Afraid! For there are Many Universes That Will Fill the Cracks Between Us and Take Me Away From You” is out now. Also, I just got the ARC for my tiny book Pilot Season that Sunnyoutside will be publishing next year. It’s beautiful. Those guys really outdid themselves with the layout/design etc. I can’t wait for it to be available.

A couple of days ago I got word that my story “Malcolm Stewart’s “A Catalog of Spatial Anomalies,” (Annotated by Wilt Rushau),” is going to be appearing in a journal I’ve enjoyed quite a bit over the years. I’m pretty excited. It won’t be out until the spring, so I’ll share more details then. Also of note, I’m a couple of revisions away from having my second collection ready for submission. Here’s hoping it will find a fast home when it’s ready.

Big news: Stephen Graham Jones has selected my first full length story collection, Liner Notes, as the winner of the Subito Press book prize in fiction. The book will be out in 2014. Congratulations to the other finalists and semi-finalists, and to the winners in poetry–Amaranth Borsuk & Andy Fitch–and thanks to all parties involved.

My story, “I Am of the Future. I Am of the Past.” is up as part of Sundog Lit’s new Games Issue.

Over the weekend, I found out that Liner Notes was a finalist in Noemi Press’ book prize. It was quite an honor to make this impressive list, and congrats to the winner, Caren Beilin, and Suzanne Scanlon both of whom will have their books published by Noemi.

A short story I wrote called “James Franco(s) At the Edge of the Universe” was accepted this week by a journal I love. I’ll post more closer to publication.

My friend Nate started an online lit mag called The Collapsar. I’ve been helping him out with editorial duties. The first issue went live today. It includes some great pieces by some of my favorite up and coming writers. Check it out, here.

I’ve got a story called “Brian Wilson and the Universe” in the second issue of Barge, out now

My story “Excerpts from the Glossary for A Practical History of Dr. Horatio Bergen’s Experiments in Time Travel,” is up on Web Conjunctions today. Read it, here

My story, “The Universe Expands/Contracts” is up over as one of Vol. 1 Brooklyn‘s Sunday Stories, today. Check it out, here.

Got word today that my story “WX-488 and the New Synthetic Evolution,” will be appearing in the Gigantic Worlds anthology of flash science fiction. I am thrilled to be in it, and just as thrilled just read the book when it’s released. Check out the Kickstarter, here.

Over the weekend I found out my story collection, Liner Notes, has made the longlist for the Pressgang press collection prize. Pressgang is pretty new on the scene, but look like they’d be a great press to work with. Wish me luck! ***Update: Unfortunately, Liner Notes didn’t make the cut to the short list. Here’s hoping it will find a home, somewhere.

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